Dallas Masonic Lodge No. 182 F&AM
116 Main Street, Dallas, GA, 30132
MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 620, Dallas, GA 30132

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Let's remember to pray for ALL the sick and needy, those in pain and suffering.


Prayers for Mrs. Margaret Smith, who passed away March 13.

Prayers for Mrs. Bill McPherson, who is in the hospital this week.

Pray for the McPherson family. Brother Chaplain Bill McPherson's brother, Danny, passed away Sunday, Dec. 10.

Prayers for WB Tony Wilson's wife, she is better and recovering.
Prayers for WB Ken Reese's wife and his family. Sammy Graham's 95 year old WWII veteran John has been in the hospital, then nursing home, now back home again. Keep watch over Brother Bert. Comfort the Fennell family.

At our meeting on October 11, prayers were offered up for WB Ken Reese and his wife and family, Tony Wilson's family, Mr. John Hutcheson, (Brother Sammy Graham's Uncle), Brother Ralph Leptrone's wife and Mother-in-Law, Brother Jerry Towery, our late Grand Master Buster Horne and his family, Brother Buck Holland's sister, Brother Bert's father, Pam, and the the Buck Holter family.
Thank you WB DuWayne


At our meeting on June 28, prayers were offered for WB Michael Thurmond and family, WB Thurmond's wife passed away, Bro. Joe Millerís mother-in-law who died in car accident and for WB Steve Stephens, who is suffering more now from COPD.

At our meeting on Thursday, May 25, prayers were offered up for Bro. Woodrow Leggett, WB Joe Palmer, WB J.T. Winters, (Beulah Lodge #698) Bro. Danny Hutchison, (Buchanan Lodge #78), Bro. Gerad Simpsonís wife, Bro. Tim Adairís brother Jerry Adair and Michael Jones' mother-in-law.

Many thanks to our Secretary, WB DuWayne Prather.

If you know of someone who is in Sickness or other Distress, please contact me so we can add them to this list.

* * * * * * * * *

We are so fortunate to have as Chaplain of our Lodge, Brother Bill McPherson. Brother McPherson goes out of his way, every day, to help and console those in need of prayer and comfort. He often personally visits those who are sick or in the hospital, the lonely, and the bereaved. Brother Bill contacts many others by phone. He seeks no recognition. A lot of his work goes unseen by others, but it is appreciated by all.
Thank you for all you do, Brother Bill. The Lodge appreciates you!

If you know of others in sickness or distress, please contact the webmaster.

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